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Spring Clean for Focus: Spring Cleaning For Your Mind

#girlboss finding focus women empowerment Mar 01, 2021
Girl Boss Focus & Empowerment

After a crazy COVID winter, are you ready for a thorough spring cleaning?

Spring cleaning is a great feeling. It’s a great way to go through your household, get rid of the clutter, and re-prioritize the things you actually need. And getting rid of everything else that can go!

Did you know you can do the same thing for your mind?

Clearing your mind, focusing on what’s truly important, this is a fun way to spring clean your mental state so you can get ready for a year of growth and goodness.

If you’re not sure how to get started on decluttering your mind, here’s a few tips to get you started.


Meditation: The best way to clear your mind is to calm your mind. If you haven’t mediated in a while, or haven’t ever tried meditation, you’re in for a soothing treat. Start with five minutes and work your way up. Meditation is a chance for us to be thankful, focus on what we can control, and let go of the stress.

Find a quiet place to sit and close your eyes. Start with focusing on your breath by inhaling and exhaling in some easy deep breaths. After you’ve done three nice deep breaths.  Begin to focus your mind on things you love or make you happy. This will quickly clear your mind into a calm mind.  


Read a Book: While this may seem counterintuitive, it isn’t. Reading is a way to escape temporarily from the stressors that surround you. 

Find a book that you know is a story that can make you feel far from your current situation (not a work or business book), set a timed amount to read and relax. Reading is a soft, kind state that allows your brain and body to sooth and feel good.


Yoga or Stretching: Yoga, stretching, pilates, barre workouts … these all involve stretching and breathing. While you may not think stretching is necessary for clearing your mind, try a yoga session and see how tension-freeing it really is! 

If you can’t get to a studio to do the stretching classes you want, do some at home. 10- minutes of basic stretching does wonders for your whole body. Stretching improves posture, prevents back pain, improves your range of motion, and gives you an entire new way to relax. 


Exercise: Did you know that exercise can create new neurons, increase blood flow, and regulate hormones? Yep. It is a powerful way to change your train of thought, and do something else that’s good for you. Exercise clears your mind, helps you solve problems by getting your focus off the problem.Memory is sharpened, aging is decreased, and your circulation is improved. 

Go for a brisk walk, take a short jog, do some cardio and your mind will thank you.


Write it Out: This one is simple and so relevant. By getting your thoughts out on paper, you’re literally transferring the stress onto the paper and out of your mind. 

Write out things that bother you, write out things that you’re thankful for, write out what you want to change. Writing allows you to put on paper what you truly feel, and in turn, lets your mind rest once you’re done, happy to have let it out where no one can see it. And if you do want to share it? It’s all out for you to see and work on. Sometimes just seeing it all out in front of you, you can change your way of thinking.


While there’s no right way to declutter your mind, by trying these activities, you’ll find yourself trying new things, getting over relationships that no longer serve you, and finding new work or new hobbies that bring health and wellness to you. This spring, let’s clean our homes, our bodies and minds as well!




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