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Starting A Business: 1st Ingredient For Success

Today there is a considerable uptake of women becoming their own bosses. And if you're ready to join us fellow Girl bosses, in getting your business off the ground. Here's some insight I would like to share to help make this transition into entrepreneurship successful.

First and foremost, I want to applaud you for deciding to become an entrepreneur. It is a big step to change your career from a corporate role that you worked at for so long and to be your own boss now. Honestly, you deserve it because I know you've done the time, you've done the work, and you got the skills.

So what I'm going to share with you today, is the first of three primary ingredients, to have down pat, before getting your Girl Boss dreams off the ground. I've found in my personal life and in working with my clients, knowing theses help you make this transition prosperous.

Think of these primary ingredients, like the main parts of a cake. Usually, when you start to bake a cake, you got three primary ingredients: flour, water, and eggs.  Thus the three primary components in getting your business started are: Experience, Joy, and Support.

Today, I'm going to go over the first one, Experience. Then in the next couple of weeks, I'll talk about more of the following two.

Ok, number one, your experience, is essential. So honoring all of it when you start your business is crucial early on.

From personal experience and having worked with many clients to help them get their Girl Boss businesses off the ground over the years, I've found, that we women often downplay our expertises.

Sure, this might have been something that was beneficial in a corporate setting. Maybe you worked in a place, that it was looked down upon for you to show off what you've accomplished. However, when you start a business, you have to be comfortable with all your experience.

So you gotta become comfortable with owning and honoring all your experience. Let me get into details on what I mean about this.

For example, say you've been working at a role as maybe an office manager within a law firm for the last decade or more. And now, you're going to start a business as a baker.

You've always loved to bake, and you've got these delicious cupcakes that you've been told for years by everyone you know 'you should sell these.' So you finally took this to heart that you can make some money selling your delicious cupcakes and decide it's now time to start it.

Since you're moving out of being an office manager to a cupcake seller, you think these are two completely different industries. And all those years in the corporate world don't align or connect to your new business, so you gotta downplay this.

However, I'm going to tell you now, and first and foremost, everything that you did in your previous role matters. Yes, it does. Maybe as an office manager, you did a lot of negotiating to get the best contracts or sourcing to that office. You developed some excellent skills there, and these are things that are also big bonuses for you and your business. Cuz, you got some master skills now in negotiating contracts and sourcing items for your new cupcake biz.

Even your education does count as well. If you went back to school to get specific degrees or if you have certifications, these all incorporate your expertise. Like, you took that online design course ages ago, this course is part of your experience for growing that biz.

Your experience is crucial, and honoring all of it, will give you the business confidence you need to succeed as a businesswoman. Because to help, you stand you out from everyone else you might be competing with in the market. You got to have confidence in your expertise.

So first and foremost, as you're looking at getting your new business off the ground. Write down all the experiences you have. Everything that you've done, no matter the company, no matter the type of work, education, it all matters because that is your experience.

Once you've got all of it down on paper, have a heart-to-heart with yourself. Own and honor all of it. It makes you, you, and that uniqueness is what's going to help you be a successful, confident businesswoman.

Try this out now, and we will talk again next week about the second ingredient, Joy, for empowering your success as Girl Boss.

Talk to you next week. Have a good rest of your day.



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