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Starting a Business Tip

#girlboss business growth finding focus women empowerment Sep 29, 2020

Learning more about starting a business can be overwhelming to know exactly what is the right task to focus on first.

When you start to explore your options, it can be downright confusing to know which route to take first, second, or third.

Plus, it doesn't help when you've got many creative business ideas mulling around in your head. Thinking maybe you want to do this, or no perhaps this one, or maybe that other one would be the right one to pursue instead.

I can relate. I used to be in the same situation.

As a creative person by nature, my ability to come up with tons of different ideas for starting a business is easy. I'm passionate about making a positive impact in the world and have found each day I can come up with some business ideas that could fulfill that passion.

Yet, what made the biggest difference in me starting a business that achieved the long term success of money and enjoyment I desired, came down to having the right structure and support in place to make it all happen.


Having the right structure and support in place results in knowing exactly what to do for achieving the long-term success of money and enjoyment you desire from your Girl Boss business.


This why I do what I do. I love supporting women in achieving their goal of creating successful, lucrative businesses.

It's the reason why I created Empowered StarBoss(TM). Empowered StarBoss(TM) mission is to help women looking to start or grow a business determine how they can make money ASAP & know exactly what to do without being distracted to make it all happen.

I've worked with various women businesses from design, consulting, technology, beauty, fitness, coaching, fashion, marketing, food, and other services.

Each woman had faced the same challenge of making money ASAP, knowing precisely what to do. In working with each, I helped her determine the right structure and support she needed to achieve her dreams.

If you're struggling to figure out the right steps for making your business dreams real, schedule an empowerment call with me today.

We can chat on what type of structure and support could benefit you today, in making your dreams real.



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