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7 Easy Ways to Think like a Boss

Apr 01, 2021
Girl Boss Focus & Empowerment

Do you dream about being your own Boss?

Are you ready to get out there and have a business that is exactly what you envisioned for yourself?

All of this is possible for you!

When it comes to thinking like a boss, it's a matter of acting like one...from the start. From thought process to attitude, acting like one makes all the difference -- even if you don’t feel like one.

So what are the traits that go into thinking like the StarBoss that you are?

With years of experience working as an entrepreneur and helping others become the entrepreneurs they dreamed about, I’ve come up with 7 simple things you can do right now to get your mindset into the Boss mentality!


Have a Vision:

It’s been said that “Without a vision, dreams perish.” The same can be said for you! What do you want for your business? Where do you see it in five years? 

Have a vision, write out what you want, be specific in all the details from what you offer to what you want to offer in the future. How many employees do you want? What’s an annual income you want to achieve this year? All of these will manifest when you write them out and act as if you are the Boss while you work toward your goal of being the boss!


Set Boundaries:

This is a difficult one, but one that is essential for growth. You will quite possibly have people telling you how to run your business regularly! Don’t let them. 

Set clear boundaries about who you want on your team and clear boundaries about what thoughts, ideas, and visions you allow in your inner circle as well as your mind. Guard your mind, set boundaries, and watch your business thrive!


Be Organized:

Organizing is the key to success and business growth. Know where everything is; know how your business structure works, and who your key demographic is! 

It’s also necessary to be organized in the little things too --it’s those little things that will sink your ship if you’re not watchful! From computer files to paper work to the amount everything costs from paper clips to paper cups... it all matters. Be organized so everything is accounted for, nothing is lost or wasted, and your clients and customers can see that you truly care about running a business well.


Be Committed:

In case you weren’t sure, being committed to your Girl Boss dream is going to be a game changer. While you may say, “Well, duh,” the thing is, so many good people don’t want to truly commit to their dreams. They want to work, but they don’t want to fully commit to making their dream happen. 

As the BOSS of your successful business, it’s about being fully committed to your Girl Boss Business. That’s it. Think of it like you’re committed to a serious relationship, where you and your partner do the work to have a successful loving relationship. Committing to business works the same way.  When you commit, you work as much as you can to get your dream off the ground. Of course there’s time to rest, but when you’re committed to building your future, you understand there might be trade offs to making it work. 


Be Confident:

This seems obvious but being unconfident can be a roadblock to success. Be confident! Don’t feel like it? Do it anyway.

Just acting like you know what you’re doing will reinforce your behaviour to do more things that exude confidence! Wear a smile, but be firm, be strong, and say what you want. Also, dress for success! Wear things that make you feel strong, but look strong too. Find a stylist, get your color scheme figured out, and wear clothing that accents your face, hair and body. You’ve got this!


Have a Mentor/Tribe:

Find your people and get a tribe of folks you can go to who will mentor, challenge, accept, and promote you. 

These are your people - they’ve got your back and will be there as a mirror to critique and help you with your ideas, concepts, goals, and dreams. They will help guide you through your hardships and triumphs; encouraging you when things are rough and celebrating right there with you with the successes!


Be Persistence:

With any work, especially your own, you’re going to have to be persistent until you don’t want to be. Be persistent some more! 

Persistence drives you through the hard times, the lean times, and when all the bad things happen at once. It will also keep you going to improve things when they are good, and the days are amazing, and sales are up! Persistence is a character trait that once you have it, will make and keep you a success in everything you do for the rest of your life.


These are just a sample of some ideas to be the boss of your business! If you’re looking to elevate your business, and be the StarBoss that you KNOW you truly are, contact me. I’d love to help you on your business journey to success!


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