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Turning a Setback Into an Advantage

confidence building entrepreneurial experience female entrepreneurship Sep 01, 2023
Turning Setback Into an Advantage | Female Entrepreneur

Oh remember 2020, the year COVID took over the world. And it felt like the Earth was putting us humans in a timeout. You were unable to meet in person, you had to stay away from others, wash your hands obsessively, wear masks. And what about that toilet paper crisis! 

So there I was, like us all, stuck in doors. Unable to travel to speaking engagements or meeting in-person with clients. Staying with family, making sure my mother was ok. My waking hours would be rolling out of bed to go on zoom calls, getting zoomed out in a dress shirt and pj bottoms. Or making homemade masks with my mother to give to the delivery drivers, who dropped stuff off at our door. 

Unable to do what I used to do, I had a good deal of free time on my hands back then. Which for a female entrepreneur who's used to getting a ton of stuff done. I was going crazy 🤪. 

Months into the lock down, with no let up in sight. I sat in the backyard trying to come up with ideas of something to do to entertain the extra time my days were having. 

I began going through my journals. Social media posts I had shared. Reading them and starting to note down things about what I had written into one document. An idea to organize my thoughts into sections. At first I honestly wasn't sure what I would do with this document. Yet I kept going. 

And as I continued. My new book came to life. Soul Compass: A Female Entrepreneur's Guide To Navigating Past Self-Doubt And Fear.

A book that shares the simple five-step strategy on reconnecting with your inner guide. To amplify your women-owned business success. 

A strategy that had changed my life as a female entrepreneur. It is one that I have shared with my coaching clients, that changed theirs.

And now this book will allow more and more women to use this strategy to help them to:

  • Navigate past the self-doubt and fear
  • Get unstuck and break free of overwhelm
  • Know the right next steps and direction to take for her business growth
  • Grow thriving lucrative companies with confidence and ease 

It was out of this the spark of an idea to handle a difficult situation. That allowed this book to come to be here. 

Now I ask you: 

Do you have a spark of an idea that you're thinking about right now? 

If you do, write it down today.

Allow your creativity from that idea to flow. Because you never know how that idea might change your life.

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