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Bring Out Your Inner Entrepreneur Superpowers 

Soul Compass is a female entrepreneur's guide to navigating past self-doubt and fear.

Inside you'll learn the simple five-step strategy on reconnecting with you inner guide to amplify your business success. 

What's inside this book will help you know what road to take.

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Reconnect To Your Inner Guide To Empower Your Business, Decisions, and Life


Becoming a female entrepreneur takes guts. You started strong but now you’re overwhelmed by roadblocks and challenges— making you question “Do I have what it takes?”

In Soul Compass, Livia Jenvey shows you how to reconnect with your unique internal guide that will empower you to regain your power and run your company like a BOSS. Her 5 specific strategies will help you discover how to:  

  • Get unstuck, free from fear, and out of your head when you’re consumed with self-doubt
  • Identify and stop thoughts that may break your connection to your inner guide
  • Stay focused when you’re overwhelmed and can’t get your best work done
  • Accelerate growth and amplify success for your business
  • Establish your next steps for determining the right direction to take to ensure ongoing business abundance

By using these powerful exercises, you’ll be able to quickly navigate the often-overwhelming world of female entrepreneurship. It’s time for you to break through fear and achieve the life of your dreams.

This Book Was Years In The Making...

As a seasoned female entrepreneur I have had more than my fair share of feeling stuck. Having unclear thoughts in which direction to take. And being not sure what is the right decision to make to grow a business.

But after working to the point of burnout that landed me in the emergency room. I realized that I, like so many other women business owners. Often falls victim to feelings of self-doubt and fear that will sabotage success. It wasn't until I developed a simple five-step strategy. For reconnecting to my inner guide to navigate me past self-doubt and fear. That I gained the power and control to run my company like a BOSS.

After sharing my five-step strategy to clients I've worked with over the years. And witnessing their successes. I knew that I needed to share this strategy to more business women. To empower women in navigating the often overwhelming world of female entrepreneurship.  So that she could immediately know what road to take. To confidently achieve her business dreams. 

About the Author

Livia Jenvey is the founder of Empowered StarBoss–a company that helps female entrepreneurs remove the fear and self-doubt holding them back, and turn them into a thriving Empowered BOSS Lady.  

With over 20 years of entrepreneur coaching experience, Livia guides female entrepreneurs to confidently show up in their business and lives like never before. She is the author of two books on achieving business success.

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