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Which One Do You Need More?

In life, if you desire to go places you have never been to before, there will be some fear involved.

Even when you brew yourself that second cup of coffee to muscle through it, the fear will still be there.

It's fearful to leave what is comfortable, especially when risk in failing looms in the air. When you're trying something new, it's normal to question your ability to make it happen successfully.

However, you can't grow without the risk, and if you desire to live an empowered, happy life, getting comfortable with doing things out of your comfort zone is a must. You have to get comfortable with the risk of leaping in faith in yourself.

So the question to ask is, which one do you need more in your life right now: Fear or Happiness?

When you have big dreams to pursue, like starting your own company, going after that big promotion at work, changing careers, or going out on a first date, risk will come up and make you feel uncomfortable.

This is why learning how to lean into the uncomfortable will help you reach you to your goal(s).

As much as our minds would like to have a crystal ball to predict the future when we are pursuing something new, it's learning not to initiate our first instinct. Such as either running as fast as you can in the other direction, bury our head and hide, or fight to keep our old comfort zone intact when we don't know what the future will hold.

But instead, become comfortable with the uncomfortable. When you start doing this, your transition to the next level of your success begins.

Leaning into the moments where you are in a place that feels icky and uncomfortable, is not easy. I've been through this so many times during different parts of my life. It's either been towards weight loss, personal development, spiritual practice, fitness, becoming an entrepreneur, or anything new I wish to aspire to. As the saying goes, if you want to achieve something new, you have to do that thing that you have never done before because it is in accomplishing that never done before action task, which will lead you to achieve your new goal.

Yet, doing something different is going to feel icky, weird, & uncomfortable at 1st. But when you lean into the uncomfortableness, you will see that it was merely a moment in time. A moment where you have a choice to choose to move past the "die of embarrassment or horror" thought, into a new moment of joy.

One of the best ways I've found that has helped me handle the fears, anxieties, and second-guessing that will pop up in my head when I am thinking of taking a risk out of my comfort zone. Is to start with something small and fun, which will get me used to being in the space of feeling uncomfortable. It's a wonderful and easy way to train the mind on how to figure out a way to help the nerves get settled even when things feel a little risky to pursue.

Here's one simple example of one small pursuit of uncomfortableness that helps me handle bigger ones. I personally do this one often, by the way, because for me getting comfortable with the uncomfortable is an ongoing practice.


#1 - Get out your journal and write down ten things you would like to do

Your list could include something fun you maybe haven't done in a while you would like to do again. Or something fun you have never done, which has been tugging at you for a while to try out.


#2 - Pick one thing on your list to do today

Start with something small at first. Once you decide what to do, take the risk, and try it out.


#3 - Embrace the uncomfortableness

As you are doing that thing on your list, watch your thoughts. Notice as the more you do this thing. You begin to lean into that icky weird, awkward feeling(s) and start to feel instead empowered as you accomplish doing that thing you had put on your list.


Once you've completed your first item on your list of 10, go to the next one until your list is complete. When you do this activity enough, you'll notice how your confidence builds, you'll feel less anxious, and you'll have much more fun.

Try this out today to self-empower your Girl Boss success, when you are aiming to achieve new things in your life. This exercise can help you amplify your inner power to get more happiness and abundance in your life each day.



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