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What Separates Entrepreneurs Who Succeed With Those Who Don't

#girlboss business growth ceo lady boss Jul 09, 2019

One of the biggest challenges I had in the early days as a female entrepreneur was getting comfortable asking for help in making my creative business vision a success.

I spent the first decade of my career in the corporate world, being a one-woman force. I was in my 20s and knew that the only way I could make it in the male-dominated industry I was in was to work hard. And being a first generation American from immigrant parents, working hard was in my DNA.

So, I would work long hours, doing extra work in and out of my working hours in the office. Doing what it took to gain as many new skills as I could to compete with my male colleagues. I attended night classes, read books, and learned whatever I could each day to be a "superwoman" and earn a 6-figure salary. I got excellent on relying on myself to make sure things got done, and this was often looked at favorably by my superiors as they would assign me more and more high profile responsibilities.

However, at a certain point, doing it on my own had hit a wall in the corporate world, and when the stock market crashed, I decided to take my skills to the world of entrepreneurship.

When I started, I approached it with the same I can do it on my attitude. I thought if I could do well in the corporate world, how hard will it be for me to do it on my own. Oh, was I in for a rude awakening!

It was not until I was forced by physical exhaustion to the ER, on more than one occasion, I might add. That I finally had to realize what I was doing wasn't going to help me make my vision become a profitable one. I would have to ask others to help if I was ever, going to make my business work.

And this wasn't easy at first. Thoughts would pop-up in my head like "I am weak for not being able to do it figure out how to do this on my own", or "maybe I am not cut out for this", or "what am I trying to do, people don't pay people for this kind of stuff". Which, I came to realize all this thinking, was far from the truth.

What I found instead was to become a successful entrepreneur. It is all about getting comfortable asking. Especially, asking for help in those areas that were not in your wheelhouse.

What helped me embrace this comfort in asking was the following essential things I found out in how the super successful entrepreneurs see the benefits in asking for help:
1) People Love Being Helpful

It is human nature to help others because it allows us to feel important. We all want to feel needed by others. So asking someone if they know of someone who might benefit from your services, is a need we are happy to fulfill. When you need help in a particular area, know there will seriously be someone who is sincerely really happy to help you out, because it makes them feel good.

2) It Takes A Village To Raise A Child

We only have two hands, two feet, and one head. Our ability to multi-task can only go so far. When you are a business leader and are reaching out to a multitude of customers you physically can only do so much, you can only be in one place at a time.

To be successful in serving more people, it takes others. As the old phrase goes, it takes a village to raise a child, and this too is in your business. For a child to grow up to be a successful adult, it requires, schools, shops, after school programs, etc. all things that you can't do alone to raise a happy, healthy child from a baby to a fully functioning adult. Your business is no different. To grow your business baby into a profitable one, it starts with establishing the support that will help it grow. Thus determine early on what would be the village to support your business.

3) Successful Entrepreneur Invest In Themselves

One of the most significant turning points for me as an entrepreneur was when I started to invest in having mentors and coaches who would help me along the way. It was a huge eye-opener when I found out the super successful entrepreneurs who I admired early on, had utilized the support of investing in mentors and coaches to get them to their success.

Having someone who has been in your shoes and can help you navigate the unknown choices you will face is how you can achieve your dreams way faster than doing it on your own. They empower you to grow from within to take your grand vision and help it become a real lucrative thing. It is why I love being a coach for women entrepreneurs because I get where you're coming from.

I love seeing a woman take her creative business vision, and make it into a lucrative, sustainable business, where she can proudly show off to the world "Hey Mom, Look What I Did!".

It honestly makes my day, it is one of my favorite things in this world to see, and my mission is to see more women get to show off their businesses!!!

Thus, if you are ready to make your creative vision a success, remember asking for help is what will help you get to say loud and proud:

"Yes, I made my business a success!"



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