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Writing out Resolutions for 2021: Should you or Shouldn’t You?

#girlboss self empowerment women empowerment Dec 01, 2020
Girl Boss New Year Resolutions

 If we’re talking about resolutions, it must be that time of year again: Time to prepare for the new year that’s on the horizon. For most people, this nightmare-of-a-year can’t end too soon. Truthfully, this year has been rather horrendous. Because of COVID, everything we anticipated doing got relegated to the garbage. COVID squashed plans and squelched ideas.

So, how do we begin the new year on a better note? When it comes to resolution-writing, it can seem like a waste of time. Particularly when we find ourselves failing to follow through with them. After this year, I sure don’t want any plans of mine to fail again!

But, hear me out. 

There is a good reason to write down your goals. In fact, there are five good reasons why you should. You can transform your life by writing out EXACTLY what you want.

First, let’s start by changing the word from resolution to goals. Resolutions feel like we’re already setting ourselves up to fail because of our past “New Year Resolution” connotation. Goals are something we can feel good about all year long. It means we can work towards them for as long as it takes. Here are five reasons you should write out your goals for 2021.

Goals give you a visual of your desires.

Have you heard of a vision board? A vision board can be a simple bulletin board filled with images and words, trinkets or ideas of the things you want to come to you -- from your personal to business life. In the same idea, when you write out your goals, you’re visualizing what you want to manifest. You are seeing (in your mind) what you want to happen! If the list of goals is five items long, or if it’s 100 items long, write them out -- large and small -- for 2021. If you have a vision board, hang your goals there. If you don’t have a board, hang your list up on the refrigerator or your bathroom mirror. Make yourself see the list, and by thinking and focusing your attention on them every day, your goals will come to fruition.

Goals give you clarity on your wants.

This one goes hand in hand with the previous reason. If your list is 100 goals long, that’s fine. But, if you want to really see things happen, focus your list a little bit more. Take items off that could be put on a different year’s list. Focus on the ones you really want to see happen. By doing this, you pinpoint the specifics you want to spend your time and energy on. By giving your goal list a “less is more” approach, you can hone in on your true desires making it very clear what you want.


Goals give you the motivation to continue.

Okay. Here’s the one we all get tripped up on. According to  U.S. News and World Report from 2019, 80% of all people will fail their resolutions by mid February! So now that you know this, don’t feel bad if your goals take more than a few months to accomplish! There’s a reason we call them goals: They are something to be attained, over time. Goals give you a vision, make your desires clear, and keep you motivated to carry on for as long as it takes.


Goals give you a reason to celebrate.

Are you a list-maker? If you are, it’s understandable why. Every time you cross something off your list, you have a sense of accomplishment to continue to the next item on your list. Goal-writing has the same concept. When you complete a goal, it’s a chance to celebrate big time. Every goal accomplished is a huge victory. When you take the time to write out your goals, then work hard to make them happen, you deserve to celebrate…and move on to the next one.


Goals give you exactly what you want

This sounds redundant, but it’s the truth. Goal writing gives you EXACTLY what you want. By being specific in your goals, “I want 100 new customers this month,” you bring life behind that desire. When you write out what you want, you should expect you are going to get it if you work at it…and even if it takes time. When your focus is on meeting that goal, and making the goal as specific as possible, you’re halfway there to attaining it. Be specific and get exactly what you want.


So, what’s the take away? 

Writing out your goals gives you vision, clarity, motivation, celebration, and exactly what you want! If you need help clarifying your goals for the new year, I’m just a phone call or email away. Visit my website for more information. I’d be happy to work on your new goals for the best year you’ve ever had! 


Happy new year, friends. 



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