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How to Achieve Your Goals As a Woman in Business

business growth how to set goals women empowerment Feb 13, 2023
How to Set Goals for Work & Life | SMART Goals

A Guide to How to Set Goals at Work and Life

One area I often talk about for empowering female entrepreneurs is the power you get from your goals. Yet, setting goals and sticking with them can be an entirely different ball game, especially when balancing life responsibilities with running a business. 

The good news is that it all comes down to thinking smart when it comes to setting goals and sticking with them. Or, as I like, thinking in terms of SMART Goals. 


How to Set SMART Goals?

In simple terms, the SMART goals stand for: Specific, Measurable, Attainable, Relevant, and Time-Bound goals. When you set SMART goals, you are breaking your dream goals into five bite-sized steps, which allow you to have simple tasks on which you can take action to achieve them with confidence.  

If you are new to the SMART goal game, it's about working backward. Visualize where you want to be ten years from now. Work out the logical steps needed to get there (and then break it down again). To do that, think of it like the following template:

  •   Specific. Outline the specific details about your goal. The more specific you get with your goals, the easier they are to accomplish. Because you are far less likely to stick to and achieve a goal if they are very vague and unclear. 
  •   Measurable. Create a goal with a measurable outcome, allowing you to tell whether or not you have achieved it.
  •   Attainable. If your goal is big, consider breaking it into smaller goals within your reach. Often, when a goal is too big, it can be overwhelming and feel like a seemingly impossible task, which may lead you to inaction. Keeping it small will provide you the confidence to take action to achieve your goal. 
  •   Relevant. Think about how this fits in with your overarching life plans. When you keep it relevant, it will stay at the top of your mind in how to achieve your goals. 
  •   Time-Bound. Hold yourself accountable by setting a timeframe to complete this task—give yourself a time incentive. You have a higher chance of taking action on a goal when it has a time limit to when it is to be completed. 


The beauty of this goal-setting secret is that it doesn't stop at the workplace. Try the SMART goal structures in every corner of your life and enjoy the success that comes with it, knowing how to break your goals into manageable chunks.  

For me, setting SMART goals had an instrumental impact on my business and life success. It has been my action plan for transforming my dreams into my reality. 

It is a great tool to help you make mindful life decisions, set goals that will send you forward, and claim the success you deserve. Once you start, you will never look back.

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