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Getting Out The Box

Is the work you're doing, making you feel trapped inside of a box?

I know this was how I used to feel when I worked a job I didn't enjoy.

I'd work long hours for my bosses doing great work but felt trapped. The job I had paid well, but it was work that didn't make any positive impact in the world.

I would sit in long, boring meetings daydreaming I was doing something that made my soul feel alive. Verses the soul-sucking work I felt like I was enduring day-in and day-out.

I would rationalize that I couldn't leave because of the pay because I couldn't have both money and happiness.

However, the truth is: YOU CAN HAVE BOTH MONEY & HAPPINESS.

Yes, there's a risk to get up and leave a steady paying job to pursue a passion you have no clue will pan out as you hoped. However, there's also a HUGE risk in denying your heart happiness in pursuing doing work you enjoy.

You Beautiful deserve happiness, money, fun, entertainment, joy, and all the things that make your heart sing.

Being trapped inside a box is not your true nature. You were born on this earth to grow, thrive, and live a life full of joy.

All it takes to make your Girl Boss desires and dreams come true is to get a plan in place and take the actions you need each day to make it all happen.

First, however, ask yourself this question:

Do you want to stay trapped or be free?

Start today by asking yourself this question and writing your answers down on paper.

Then place this paper someplace you will see it each day.

Doing this will empower you and inspire you to start that plan for achieving your dreams today.

So if you're ready to start your Girl Boss business to stop working a job that is making you feel trapped inside of a box. Then try this today to empower you to move forward in getting both the money and happiness you deserve. 

You Got This Beautiful!!!




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