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How to Create Multiple Income Streams In Your Girl Boss Biz

#girlboss business growth income streams women empowerment Oct 22, 2019

Want Multiple Streams of Income, but not sure where to start? 

To run a high-earning, long-lasting, enjoyable business, creating multiple revenue streams is highly advantageous.

Yet, how on earth do you figure out which one to create when you have a ton of different ideas running around in your head?

Well, it comes down to what business strategy plan you have for your company. With a business strategy plan, you know the end results of what your business will become and the key steps you will use to get you there.

Helping you define the actions to take each day for achieving your end results.

However, if you don't have a business strategy plan in place, you can easily find yourself running around in circles trying to decipher which ideas will work best.

One of the quickest ways I help my clients get clear on which revenue stream ideas to pursue is to do the following three steps to get clarity on their end results:


Step #1. Define Your Biz Future

First step, is write out what you want your high-earning, long-lasting, enjoyable business look like. A great way to do this is to envision the future day when you retire from your business.  What would your life and business look like that day?

For example, do you see yourself retiring from the large international corporation you created to live up the high life of luxury chilling on your private island, or do you see yourself retiring early from selling your smaller company for lots of money so you could work on other things. 

Outline how your business and your life will look like on the day you decide you retire from your biz. When doing this, take as much time as you need to outline all of it in detail — the more detailed, the better as it helps you define your business end goals.


Step #2. Outline Your Revenue Stream Ideas

Next, write down all the different revenue stream ideas you've come up for your business. Outline these in as much detail as you can. Write out what you could earn, the time you would spend, and also how much you would enjoy in doing each.

Again take as much time here to outline these as much as possible. If you're unclear on how much you could earn, do some research and see what others who might be providing the similar products or services you are offering as potential earning estimates.


Step #3. Compare Your Revenue Streams Ideas To Your Biz Future

Now make a comparison of your revenue streams ideas to your future biz life.  Does your envisioned future match to any of your ideas? 

This will help you start to determine if any of the new ideas you are thinking of align with what you had defined as your biz future.

It will quickly allow you to get clarity on which ideas would or wouldn't be worth you considering to pursue as new multiple revenue streams for your business.


Use the above three steps as a quick way to help you weed out and determine which revenue stream ideas to consider pursuing in your business today.

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