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The Power of Body Language for Women

confidence building woman’s body language women empowerment Mar 01, 2023
Confident Body Language for Women | Confident Posture

Easy Ways Women in Business Can Hold a Confident Posture

Body language speaks volumes. It displays to those around you how you might be feeling inside. And as a woman in business, being mindful of your body language is important when you're running a business.

To empower you in those moments that might instill self doubt. Use these powerful posture principles next time you have an important meeting to give you a confidence booster.

Take Up Space

No matter what space you run your business in, be it in a male-dominated field or not, you deserve to be there. As women we need to claim our space and make ourselves known is essential. To show to others you mean business trying the following take up space tips: 

  • Back Straight, Shoulders Back

When walking or seated, avoid slouching, as it makes you seem physically smaller. Height isn’t everything, but posture is, so lift your chin, straighten your back, and feel proud. 

  • Claim Your Space at the Table

In larger meetings, it can be easy to sit back and watch, observing the more dominant personalities battle it out for their say. Instead of taking a back seat, take a physical seat at the table and let your presence and voice be known. To feel calm and collected, place your hands together in a move known as ‘steepling,’ a universal gesture for confidence.


Sit With Power

Holding a powerful posture while sitting is just as important as it is to walk with a dominant stride. Try out some of these body language sitting positions.

  • Uncross Your Arms

The most obvious giveaway in the world of woman’s body language? Crossed arms. It shows that you are closed off, unreceptive, and defensive. Avoid crossing your arms to show that you are receptive to the ideas of whoever you are talking to.

  • Use Arm Rests

When you avoid crossing your arms, instead of just leaving them dangling at your sides in a timid manner, use armrests and desk space. Lean back into your seat, let your arms rest on those arms rests to embody a confident sitting posture.. 

Connect With Others

When interacting with others in a business setting, demonstrating your openness and willingness to connect helps you build professional relationships that help grow your business. To build bonds with others who you might be meeting for the first time trying the following connecting tips: 

  • Eye Contact

To demonstrate that you are comfortable with your opinion, maintain eye contact while speaking, as this displays your confidence in sharing your thoughts. As well, don’t forget to smile. Forbes highlights that when smiling as you share, it demonstrates to others you are approachable and friendly, making you seem attentive and kind.

  • Mirroring

To build bonds with someone new, use mirroring to connect with others. By subtly mirroring the body language of the person you are talking to demonstrates to them that you are a friend, not a foe and open to connect.


Either you are in a business meeting or going to a networking event, try these power body language tips to show how you confidently deserve to be taken seriously as a businesswoman.

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