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Seven Stages to Growing Your Business

#girlboss business growth startups women empowerment Dec 01, 2021
Girl Boss Focus & Empowerment

It’s the final month of the (almost back to normal) year and I for one, am glad. It was a year of change, adjustment and buckling down on things that really matter. One thing that truly matters to me is helping women achieve their goals to become a Girl Boss. 

Here I’m going to share the Seven Stages to Growing Your Business from my Biz Guide for Success. It works because I’ve learned it after much trial and error. I found these 7 stages to growing a business are helpful in getting out any distracting efforts and really honing in on what’s important to succeed.


Seven Stages to Growing Your Business

1. Seed Stage. 

You’ve heard this term plenty as an entrepreneur and it’s where you plant that first seed of the business. Within this stage, it is best to focus on researching, testing, and evaluating if your idea will be a viable business for you. This takes time and you should feel a sense of purpose and passion that will help you on your journey. 

2. Growth Stage. 

During this stage, you are focused on growing business profits and gaining ongoing customers. This is the hard work and grit stage. It’s not easy, but with that early stage research, you’ll feel confident your business can grow. 

3. Professionalize. 

Here, you need to start professionalizing your business by adding supports and structures. These will help you move smoothly through the proceeding stages with more ease of business expansion. This stage is vital to help avoid causing your business harm. You’ll want the right people, vendors and resources around you to ensure each step you make is efficient and profitable. 

4. Consolidate.

Here is where you begin to review which supports and structures are still working and which ones are to be updated. As you consolidate, you will determine which common beliefs, values, and standards you and your business teams will focus on as you grow. You will likely edit some areas that are not working as well. 

5. Diversify.

With your business up and running, you can’t stop thinking of new ways to increase your efforts. To stay viable in an ongoing changing world, you’ll want to think up some new ideas. During this stage, you add in researching, testing, and evaluating in your business to determine which new ideas to go forward in your business growth. 

6. Integrate. 

In this stage, you will take those viable ideas along with your supports and structures and meld them together. You want to ensure that they align with your business’s mission and purpose as well. 

7. Decline. 

Here’s the final stage of moving to the next part of your entrepreneurial journey. Many business owners dream of the day when they can sell their business for a profit. If this is your dream, then hopefully you’ve defined that at the beginning. Set that intention with a goal number, timing and your ideal buyer. Or perhaps you want to pass this onto your children to run and leave a legacy in your name.


Whatever your business, there are inevitable stages you’ll encounter. Some are longer and harder than others and entrepreneurs need to be able to weather them all. It’s helpful to have a positive network you can rely on, a supportive mentor or coach, and the right tools at your disposal. If you’re at the early stages of being a Girl Boss and need to get your business started, check out the Amplify Your Power program. You’ll find a great group coaching program with access to a private Facebook community for continued support. 


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