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Taking Small Actions for Your Big Vision

#girlboss business growth women empowerment Feb 01, 2022
Girl Boss Motivation & Empowerment

 February 2022 is here - are you still focused on your goals? Or have you already stalled out like so many people do every year? We all do it - we make those resolutions and grit our teeth to make it happen. But then, life gets in the way, or discouragement finds its way into our minds, and we let our goals fall to the wayside. 

We’ve all been there - even me. And unfortunately, giving up is so easy. In fact, sometimes it is as much a relief as if we were to stay the course. The other side of disappointment is when we DO try, but we fail. In my experience working with entrepreneurs, I have seen the impact that failure has on these individuals, AND how hard they are on themselves when goals are not met. 

Is there a better way to achieve our goals? In short, yes. I have found that small steps are much more effective in successfully reaching goals versus attempting to make “giant leaps.”   Smaller actions will also help maintain the positive momentum. As the anecdote says, you eat an elephant one bite at a time.

I discussed last month about the importance of creating a vision - without a vision, how do you know where you are going? Once you have your plan, then you can begin laying out your steps to reaching your goal(s). 


A Few Small Action-Packed Suggestions:



I covered this point in last month’s blog, but it can also apply to the small steps you take to reach your goals. Visualize means “to make a picture in the mind”; it is important that you see yourself advancing. When things are not going well and it feels like everything is “snowballing,” your focus on all the negative factors may be contributing to the avalanche. Create a mental picture of your steps and how you will move through them - anticipate potential roadblocks and do not let mishaps reshape your image. 


Write it Down! (3 Things)

As a business owner/entrepreneur, you probably have to-do lists all over the place. For many of us, making lists is how we stay on track. However, this list is different from your usual “To-Do” lineup. This is about your steps - write down three small actions that you will take during the next two weeks. Put aside the long-term goals for now - this is about the little things. 

Make these actions attainable within the given time frame. The next step is to make this list your priority. You might resist at first because your other to-do list(s) feels more pressing, but it will still be there tomorrow. Focus on your steps and watch your general momentum for all of your “To-Do’s” improve. 


Network Like a Boss! (Because You Are!)

You are not alone! Women are considered the great connectors and we only win by supporting each other. Don’t assume that you can handle your goals without a support system. Build a network - grow that network. Make it a small action each week to connect to a new person or business. 

And for your existing network? Don’t forget it. Treat it like a garden and don’t let anything die! Zoom has made networking still possible in this current era, so don’t shrink back from face-to-face encounters! And if you haven’t checked out the Amplify Your Power program, this is a great time. You’ll be engaged with a group of professional, like-minded women, led by me!


Develop Yourself Intellectually!

Do you love to learn? If you are an entrepreneur, you probably know the importance of growing intellectually. Being a lifelong learner keeps you engaged with the world, and with the new ideas that keep cropping up. Personally, I listen to podcasts and business audio books while I walk.  And I am always up for reading something new! 

Another great small action: commit to reading or listening to something to develop yourself intellectually each day/each week. Your mind will begin to generate fresh ideas for you and your business in no time!



Taking small actions will help you on your journey as a Girl Boss. Feeling overwhelmed at the start of the year is normal. Use these tips to gain momentum as you go into planning this quarter. What small steps do you take to keep going? I’d love to hear from you!




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